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About us

RJ Guitars has been manufacturing guitars in the Philippines since 1988. Our founder, Ramon "RJ" Jacinto, is a Filipino businessman/musician who has been performing for over 55 years. RJ wanted to develop a guitar capable of switching between guitar tones so that he would not need to change from his Fender® to Gibson® guitars during his shows. 

RJ Supervintage®

After 25 years of research, we have been able to develop an extremely versatile guitar without any modelling - The RJ Supervintage®. Through our hand wound RJ Mystique™, the RJ Supervintage® allows the guitarists the freedom of having 5 guitars in one and mixing and matching tones to create a truly one of a kind guitar unlike any in the market today.

Why RJ Guitars?

RJ Guitars has 28 years of manufacturing and retailing guitars.

The RJ Supervintage® is made in a Japanese-run factory in the Philippine export zone. This factory creates world-class guitars that are exported to Japan and parts of Europe.

Led by Japanese luthier Masayuki Takaesu, each RJ Supervintage® is handcrafted by our luthiers using the finest Philippine Mango Wood to produce a truly unique guitar with second to none quality.


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